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“Feeling that software I have written is in the hands of millions of users, helping to make their life easier and more secure, is the reason why I wake up with a smile every day.”

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Have you ever been lost at a festival? So do we until we use Wave to create a group with friends and locate each other on a private map for the festival.

Wow, I need to read this for myself

Hay miles de situaciones en las que necesitamos saber dónde están nuestros contactos, desde quedar con amigos a situaciones de seguridad. Todos hemos vivido la frustración que es tener que llamar o enviar mensajes a nuestros contactos para localizarlos. Con Wave, lo único que tienes que hacer es enviar es una solicitud para ver su posición en tiempo real en un mapa privado durante un tiempo determinado y fin del problema. Rápido y sencillo, como debería ser todo hoy en día.

Parece una actitud muy futurista, pero lo cierto es que millones de personas cada día utilizan la geolocalización para encontrarse con los suyos en cualquier lugar, sin esperas ni llamadas como hacemos en Wave.

Wow, I need to read this for myself

While we’d love to disconnect, that’s not always the best choice.Wave Application is a free app that enables two or more people to share their location over a limited period of time on a private map. Once you install the app, open a group or select only one contact and send him/her a request to share the location with you for 15 minutes to up to eight hours; it then sends a notification to your friends. When they accept it, a map opens in real time with technology built in-house where you can spot each other, set a meeting point that is convenient to all, get directions to arrive there, and chat. The best part is privacy; no one else will see your location and you can stop it once you meet your friends.

Wow, I need to read this for myself
03 Happening now
  • Mar
    12, 2017

    Welcome Temporary Sharing

    We implemented a new feature to let the non-wavers to experience some of the features without installing the app so that meeting is easier for all on the go. Life gets hectic from time to time…

  • Apr
    3, 2017

    New Web!

    Our new version deserves a fresh, new web! You can check out the main features, the most common use cases, videos, get in touch with the Wave Team and much more.

  • May
    22, 2017

    New Chat!

    And this one is fast! We believe there is no time to lose when you are meeting someone important…that’s why the chat goes as fast as you can type.

  • Jun
    2, 2017

    New Blog

    We have a new blog now, too. Subscribe on and we will keep you posted about Wave, other cool aps, start ups and new technologies.

  • Jun
    2, 2017

    Renewed Group Features

    Now any participant of any open wave can start a group by adding new members. Up to 10 people!

  • Nov
    10, 2017

    Send audios and pics

    We completed our super fast chat! You can now send voice messages to your contacts when you are walking and send images in your groups or conversations. 


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