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Outreaching investors and promoting the business is not an easy task for an entrepreneur; everyone has its own point of view and it is difficult to determine who is right, but most important is to keep your ideas strong and never miss the focus…

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Wave Aplication has won the EmprendedorXXI Awards in Madrid. This award, promoted by CaixaBank, through the risk capital manager Caixa Capital Risc, and co-awarded by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness …

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After their super successful crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube in 2016; Wave are back for a second time with their new campaign

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Wave has opened a crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube in the UK, achieving in the first days its target and could expect to receive 2 M of pounds by the end of the month…

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Wave app allows two or more people to share their location with each other for a predetermined amount of time. The locations are shown on a private map, so you can track down a friend or relative if you get separated while exploring a new city.

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“To start a businesses as I have done, it is essential to be courageous, otherwise there is no success. Take risks and be open to learn every single day” Says Manuel de la Esperanza, co-founder and CEO of Wave.

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03 Happening now
  • Mar
    12, 2017

    Welcome Temporary Sharing

    We implemented a new feature to let the non-wavers to experience some of the features without installing the app so that meeting is easier for all on the go. Life gets hectic from time to time…

  • Apr
    3, 2017

    New Web!

    Our new version deserves a fresh, new web! You can check out the main features, the most common use cases, videos, get in touch with the Wave Team and much more.

  • May
    22, 2017

    New Chat!

    And this one is fast! We believe there is no time to lose when you are meeting someone important…that’s why the chat goes as fast as you can type.

  • Jun
    2, 2017

    New Blog

    We have a new blog now, too. Subscribe on and we will keep you posted about Wave, other cool aps, start ups and new technologies.

  • Jun
    2, 2017

    Renewed Group Features

    Now any participant of any open wave can start a group by adding new members. Up to 10 people!

  • Nov
    10, 2017

    Send audios and pics

    We completed our super fast chat! You can now send voice messages to your contacts when you are walking and send images in your groups or conversations. 

  • Jan
    5, 2018

    Estimated Time of Arrival

    Now you can easily see the ETA (estimated time of arrival) to each of your friends on the map just by tapping their pics. You can also naturally see the ETA to the meeting point.

  • Jan
    22, 2018

    Long Press Meeting Point

    Where to meet up? Set an editable meeting point by pressing your finger on the map. Everyone in the session can easily spot it, modify it if needed and see the estimated arrival time.

  • Feb
    21, 2018

    Unlimited waves

    Users can open unlimited sessions to stay connected to their loved ones, a hit between our users. Every session can expire selecting ‘stop’.


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