Our story

Wave in a nutshell

Wave Application is a free geolocation app that means the end for your daily struggles. With Wave you and your friends can share live locations to find each other with the greatest accuracy. Spot your loved ones on the map, chat and enjoy all our features.

Check your Estimated Time of Arrival: No more arriving late, check how far you are from your friends or from the meeting point and get directions.

Missing someone? Each of the members can now add more people to an existing wave at any moment, always up to 10 people!

Wave is using the same XMPP protocol as Google and Facebook for the Instant Messaging. Thanks to this, we can now really nail it with handling traffic efficiently!

Something left unsaid? Or just want to drop a line, send an audio or a photo? Try the fast chat! It is now available whether you are having an open session or not.

The best way to stay connected with your friends and relatives is with the unlimited waves.  If both of you or the whole group agrees, you can start an infinite session and check each other’s real time location whenever you wish. The sessions can be expired at any moment.

Where are you?

Wave brings its native technology to the daily life of millions of happy users from all over the world. Whether you meet up with friends in the city or do an outdoor trip, stay connected when you desire with the people that matters the most to you.

Why people love Wave?

Unlimited waves with the loved ones: You can now also choose unlimited sessions with no time frame. Use them with the ones that matter the most!

Super fast, complete chat: Something left unsaid? Type it, send a voice message or share a picture at any moment!

Create Groups up to 10 People. Wave with a bunch of people at the same time. Feel free to exit groups and add more people at any time.

Check your Estimated Time of Arrival: No more arriving late, check how far you are from your friends or the meeting point and get directions.

How did we get here?
Wave was born
Wave was launched commercially
Crowdcube Crowdfunding Campaign

Wave made a super successfull crowdfunding campaign in UK as first Spanish company, overfunding during the first weeks.

Talented employees duplicated

Plenty of new hires in the Developers’ and Marketing team to accelerate the launch of the new version.

Creative Director from Pinterest

Wave agreed to start working with the very talented designer from Pinterest to design the new version.

Launch of the Wave Blog

Wave started its own blog to talk about use cases, other cool apps and startups.

Full Chat Service

Wave launched a new feature, the full chat service, as a game changer.

Collaboration with Amazon Web Services

Wave decided to rely on AWS for for the complex server infrastructure and content delivery.

Wave Let's Meet App 3.0.

We launched our version 3.0., using the best-in-class technology in real time, faster maps and a brand new design user friendly

Send audios and pics

We completed our fast chat including the possibility to send audios and photos as well as text messages.

Long Press Meeting Point

Long press on the map to set an editable meeting point, visible for all members.

See the estimated time of arrival (ETA)

Select the meeting point or any of your friends to see how long does it take you to get there.

Unlimited waves

We give every user the possibility to stay connected continuously with their loved ones until they decide to stop the session with the unlimited waves.

Call an Uber

Tap on the meeting point to display the options and call an Uber if your destination is too far.

Navigate to the meeting point

It is easier than ever to arrive to the meeting point, by geeting directions on Wave.

Wave nails it again crowdfunding at CrowdCube

Our second immersion in CrowdCube has been a great success, being overfunded  on the very first day of the crowdfunding campaign and raising £ 845,980, backed up by 597 investors. This time, enabling investors to sign under the same conditions as our Serie A partners.

Team Wave

A band of creative individuals makes this place possible

Manu De La Esperanza

CEO & Founder

Luis Gelado

COO & Founder

Pablo Clemente


Tiina Rinne


Marta Baena

Marketing Executive

Marcela Saldarriaga

Business Development & Sales Manager

Javier Gortari

Junior Business Developer

Silvia Morales

Customer Support Executive

Jorge Salazar

Senior UX Designer

Silvia Polo


Albert Pereta


Daniel Martín


Jonay García

Video designer

Francisco Moya

Tech Lead & Project Manager

Luis De La Cruz

Senior Frontend Developer

Jose Hidalgo

Senior iOS developer

Arturo Marzo

Senior iOS Developer

Ricardo Mantero

Senior iOS developer

Javier Rebollo

Android Team Lead

Grzegorz Hankiewicz

Senior Android Developer

David Burgos

Senior Android Developer

Kike Isidoro

Backend/DevOps developer
backend engineer wave

Fernando Calo

Backend/DevOps developer

F.J.F. Naranjo

Backend/DevOps developer
Blockchain developer

Francisco J. Estrella

Blockchain Developer

Roberto Frías

QA Engineer

Sergio Roselló

QA Engineer
Fast facts
Is Wave really private?
OMG for real?”?”

Yes, 100%. All the contact details are encrypted and kept safe in our private database. They can be modified or erased by contacting us.

Which OS are supported?
Like…are there more?!

At the moment Wave is compatible with Android and iOS.

Which countries are supported?
195 and counting

Wave works all over the world, all you need is a compatible smartphone and a data connection.

Is Wave a free app?
And you thought nothing comes for free

Yes, free download, free use.

Which languages are supported?

For now, English and Spanish but there are more on the way.