Our story

Wave in a nutshell

Wave Application is a free app that means the end your daily struggles to find friends. When you open a Wave session with a friend you will be able to see each other´s position in a dynamic map, chat, create a group and set a meeting point. We at Wave firmly believe that nobody wants to be located always nor by everyone, only when we choose and by the ones we choose.

Meeting up with someone who still hasn’t got Wave? No worries! You can now share your LIVE location during 15min sending a link to any of your friends thanks to our brand new feature!

Missing someone? Each of the participants can now add more people to an existing wave at any moment, always up to 10 people!

Wave is using the same XMPP protocol as Google and Facebook for the Instant Messaging. Thanks to this, we can now really nail it with handling traffic efficiently!

Something left unsaid? Or just want to drop a line, send an audio or a photo? Try lightning fast chat! It is now available whether you are having an open wave or not.

Where are you?

With millions of users all over the world, Wave is the app that is radically changing the way people are meeting and finding each other.

It allows you to visualize in real time the exact location of each of your contacts in a private map for a limited period of time.

Locating your friends and family in the easiest and safest way possible!

Why people love Wave?

We believe firmly that live location is something that should be shared carefully, not with everyone nor at all times.

Now the non-wavers are also able to experience Wave without installing the app as the users can temporaly share their live location with them.

To protect the privacy of our users all the Wave sessions have a limited duration that is approved by all parties before starting the location sharing.

Let’s face it, it’s amazing how we rely on new technologies in almost everything but still keep on sending static locations via WhatsApp and calling each other to meet up.

How did we get here?
Wave was born, 2014
Wave was launched commercially, 2015
Crowdcube Crowdfunding Campaign

Aug – Sept 2016 Wave made a super successfull crowdfunding campaign in UK as first Spanish company, overfunding during the first weeks.

Talented employees duplicated

Plenty of new hires in Oct – Nov 16 in Developers’ and Marketing team to accelerate the launch of the new version.

Lead Creative from Pinterest

In July 16 Wave agreed to start working with the very talented designer from Pinterest to design the new version.

Launch of the Wave Blog

In Dec 16 Wave started its own blog to talk about use cases, other cool apps and start ups.

Full Chat Service

In June 16 Wave launched a new feature, the full chat service, as a game changer.

Collaboration with Amazon Web Services

Wave decided to rely on AWS for for the complex server infrastructure and content delivery in May 16.

Wave Let's Meet App 3.0.

We launched our version 3.0. in May 17, using the best-in-class technology in real time, faster maps and a brand new design user friendly

Send audios and pics

We completed our fast chat including the possibility to send audios and photos as well as text messages in October 17.

Team Wave

A band of creative individuals makes this place possible

Manu de la Esperanza

CEO & Founder

Luis Gelado

COO & Founder

Pablo Clemente


Tiina Rinne


Daniel Molina

Backend Engineer

Carlos Muñoz

Backend Engineer

Francisco Moya

Android Developer

Silvia Polo


Antonio Jiménez

iOS Developer

Javier Cadiz

iOS Developer

Javier Rebollo

Android Developer

Marta Baena

Social Media

Javier Gutiérrez

Front Developer

Albert Pereta


Antonia Rigo


Daniel Martín


Ana Saiz

QA Lead

Roberto Frías

QA Intern

Sergio Roselló

QA Intern
Fast facts
Is Wave really private?
OMG for real?”?”

Yes, 100%. All the contact details are encrypted and kept safe in our private database. They can be modified or erased by contacting us.

Which OS are supported?
Like…are there more?!

At the moment Wave is compatible with Android and iOS.

Which countries are supported?
195 and counting

Wave works all over the world, all you need is a compatible smartphone and a data connection.

Is Wave a free app?
And you thought nothing comes for free

Yes, free download, free use – and NO annoying ads.

Which languages are supported?

For now, English and Spanish but there are more on the way.