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You are traveling with your family or a group of friends. At one point you split to do different things.  All good, but could be better. Would not you like to know where each one is at each moment? That temporary geolocation service is offered by the Spanish startup Wave, which has just surpassed 10 million users worldwide.

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Wave has been selected as one of the most innovative startups in Spain, by a group of prestigious investors, business angels, entrepreneurs and experts from the magazine Emprendedores. This achievement is in part a result of a high technological development the company has made over the last year to offer the best-in-class real time technology and a strong data security to protect user’s privacy.

Wow, I need to read this for myself

Wave Application has released its completely redesigned Wave Let’s Meet App, free for Android and iOs. In line with this new launch of the app with substantial improvements, the startup created by two young entrepreneurs of Madrid in 2014 presents an exponential growth of users, reaching today until 10M worldwide, after almost double the number in the Last six months.

Wow, I need to read this for myself
03 Happening now
  • Mar
    12, 2017

    Welcome Temporary Sharing

    We implemented a new feature to let the non-wavers to experience some of the features without installing the app so that meeting is easier for all on the go. Life gets hectic from time to time…

  • Apr
    3, 2017

    New Web!

    Our new version deserves a fresh, new web! You can check out the main features, the most common use cases, videos, get in touch with the Wave Team and much more.

  • May
    22, 2017

    New Chat!

    And this one is fast! We believe there is no time to lose when you are meeting someone important…that’s why the chat goes as fast as you can type.

  • Jun
    2, 2017

    New Blog

    We have a new blog now, too. Subscribe on and we will keep you posted about Wave, other cool aps, start ups and new technologies.

  • Jun
    2, 2017

    Renewed Group Features

    Now any participant of any open wave can start a group by adding new members. Up to 10 people!


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